Pet care tips for new born puppies Taking care of the newborn puppies is really a wonderful experience that includes more care and patience to handle them. A veterinary doctor can help you in guiding through the way in taking care of your cute puppy that is too sensitive similar to a human baby.


Millions of people have a pet along with them as companion of all times.


Most of the pet that are commonly owned are cats, dogs and birds. Some people unusually own rats, lizards, snakes and mice as their pets.Bringing up a new born puppy is more interesting as one can admire the playful activities of the puppy that are more attractive to cover most of the people mind.


Caring for a pet may take most of your time and patience with loads and loads of commitment to train them. Caring puppies at home are difficult as the newborns are too weak and sensitive to almost all the environmental issues they are put into.The following are some of the questions for which one needs to find the answer.


What to feed new born puppies?

How to identify if it is suffering from illness?

How to bath them?What are the products that will suit your pet?

What are the requisites needed at growing stage?How to train my puppy?


Tips on newborn puppy careFirst thing one need to concentrate is the puppy home, which needs a warm place to reside. It may be a wooden block with a warm mattress or cushion at the bottom arranging a special bed for your puppy.


To comfort puppies and to avoid stains on your carpet make use of puppy pads lines around the box bottoms. Make sure the puppy pads are to be made of absorbent material.

Soft towels can also replace puppy pads at times.


Puppy bath is to be done with care, using a warm water towel bath is the best idea. Warm water can help to keep of puppies from getting cold.


Wipe them dry as soon as they are rinsed bath. Let them dry naturally by wiping of them with soft towel.Make sure that your puppies are kept inside the home for the first few weeks after birth for safety. Once they start moving comfortably you can let them outside to get along with the place. Allow the puppies to play freely in open space say terrace or garden then will make them feel happy and helps them grow well, keeping them occupied without boredom.Keep them safe out of reach from acquiring diseases by taking your puppies for a regular check up for dosage of injections to a nearby pet care clinic. Filed 



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